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Pete Carroll calls Seahawks drama with Russell Wilson ‘old news,’ says it created ‘a refocusing’

Thanks to the onslaught of quarterback drama that has engulfed the NFL this offseason, doesn’t the saga between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks and that pending divorce feel like a million years ago? Even for something that could drastically alter the trajectory of the league heading into 2021, it has really been put on the back-burner due to other QB news (see Rodgers, Aaron). That said, it appears as if things have truly died down on that front in the Pacific Northwest. Don’t take our word for it, however, as Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll agrees that the two sides have been able to smooth things over. 

“It seems like really old news to talk about this because it’s been such a long time,” Carroll told the Rich Eisen Show on Friday. “The little bit that he said carried so much air time that it became bigger than life. Throughout the whole process, Russell, we’ve always been connected, we’ve always been talking, we’ve never not been in communication, and we weren’t at this time either. A couple things that came out got magnified and the questions came out, and there was a couple things, he was frustrated when he was talking, just like any of us can sometimes emphasize something that’s on the top of our mind, and it can be played differently than it really played itself out.

“We’ve had a really good offseason of working, and there was an ongoing media discussion that I did not take part in, John (Schneider) and I did not, we refused to be party to that, and Russ did what he could once he saw it happening, to stay as quiet as he could because it was going to play and have a life of its own anyway. What it amounted to was I think a refocusing, making sure that we were on the same page, making sure that we were clear so that we could withstand any of the scrutiny that would come towards us, and we did that.”

For those who may have forgotten, Wilson voiced his displeasure with the organization earlier this offseason, hoping to have a larger say in how the team builds itself up. That was particularly important to Wilson — a quarterback who has been sacked 394 times over his first nine seasons — as it relates to the offensive line. To the club’s credit, it did put in an effort to try and solidify the protection up front by acquiring guard Gabe Jackson from the Las Vegas Raiders and re-signing center Ethan Pocic. While that may not sound like a team making a major splash, things have cooled between these two sides, which should signal that Wilson was at least tolerant of these moves. As Carroll told Eisen, the quarterback is “fired up” about his team, the coaching staff, and the upcoming season.

As we stand here today, it looks like we’re all systems go for Wilson to strap on a Seahawks helmet this coming season, which is a rather surprising turn of events when you remember back to when things were at a fever pitch just a few months prior. While Wilson may be good to go in Seattle in 2021, 2022 could be a different story, as CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported back in mid-March, especially if the status quo remains as the season unfolds. With that in mind, this is probably a situation to still keep a curious eye on.