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Football from Tom Brady’s first career TD pass gets sold in wild auction that ends with crazy final bid

It might not go down as the craziest auction of all time, but things did get pretty wild over the weekend when the football from Tom Brady’s first career touchdown pass was auctioned off by Leland’s. 

The auction for the football, which ran from May to June 4, started with an opening bid of $75,000. From May 9 through June 4, there wasn’t too much action as the high bid jumped up to just over $180,000 thanks to 18 different bids. However, the final bid ended up being more than double that number after the auction got kind of crazy on the final day of bidding. 

Over the course of the day, the bidding jumped from $189,520 all the way up to $428,841.60, which was the final price. The final bid came in the closing seconds of the auction and came from a person who clearly didn’t want to be outbid. With just seconds to go, the high bid was at $357,368, but then our mystery person came in and blew that number out of the water: They topped it by more than $70,000. 

To put that in perspective, before the final bid came in, the biggest jump between bids was $17,000. Leland’s didn’t identify the winner of the auction — and it’s possible they never will — but this person was definitely a huge Tom Brady fan or let’s be real, it could have been BRADY HIMSELF. 

You’d think that Brady would have kept the ball after throwing his first career TD pass, but that’s not what happened back in 2001. After Brady’s 21-yard touchdown pass to Terry Glenn in an October game against the Chargers, Glenn decided to THROW THE BALL into the stands. 

The ball ended up in the hands of a long-time Patriots season-ticket holder and after holding onto the prized football for nearly 20 years, the fan decided to sell it. 

“My entire goal is to get it in the right fan’s hands that will enjoy telling their family and friends that they have the ball,” the anonymous seller said in May. “It’s a piece of history you never see, but some of these great pieces of history need to be in the fans’ hands, so I want to get it to the right person that will enjoy it the way I have.”

The idea that Brady bought it with a huge bid at the end of the auction doesn’t seem that far-fetched. The ball would likely have some serious sentimental value for the quarterback, especially since the Patriots beat the Chargers 29-26 in what would be the first overtime win of Brady’s career.

This past weekend was a big one for Brady collectibles. Not only did the football sell for more than $425,000, but a Brady rookie card sold for $3.1 million, which makes it the most expensive football card ever sold.