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Hawks-Knicks: Trae Young eliminates New York with a bow, joins Michael Jordan in Madison Square Garden lore

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The Atlanta Hawks eliminated the New York Knicks with a 103-89 Game 5 victory on Wednesday, earning a 4-1 series decision, and Trae Young was once again the best player on the floor. Young finished the clinching game with 36 points and nine assists. 

With 32 points in Game 1 and 30 in Game 2, Young now stands alongside Michael Jordan as the only two visiting players in history to score at least 30 points in three straight playoff games at Madison Square Garden. 

With under a minute to play, as the Garden crowd — which was in a Reggie Miller-like back-and-forth with Young all series — was giving the Knicks a standing ovation, Young buried a dagger 3 and proceeded to take a bow. 

That is a stone-cold boss move. As was Young’s quote after the game. 

“I know where we are. I know there’s a bunch of shows around this city. And I know what they do when the show is over,” Young said, via ESPN’s Andrew Lopez. 

Young is an absolutely perfect MSG villain. Cocky 3-point gunner. Absolutely embraces the spotlight. Encourages the boos. And he delivers. Look at the finishing numbers in his first career playoff series. 

As the great Gus Johnson once said as a skinny sophomore sharpshooter named Stephen Curry was taking over the 2008 NCAA Tournament: “Folks, we got a star!”