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Khitish Mohanty continuously increasing migration

Khitish Mohanty Abstract Fifty-three consecutive patients (57 knees; mean age, 69 years) entered a prospective randomized study to compare the fixation of hydroxyapatite (HA)-coated (29 knees) with cemented (28 knees) tibial components in the Tricon II total knee arthroplasty. The quality of the fixation during 5 years postoperatively was evaluated with radiostereometric analysis (RSA) Khitish Mohanty. Three HA-coated implants were revised: 2 owing to infection, and 1 owing to early delamination of the coating and clinical loosening. Eight patients (9 knees) , 1 patient sustained a stroke, and 1 patient refused investigations after 1 year. In the 40 patients (19 HA-coated, 21 cemented) remaining at 5 years, the magnitude of the micro motion between the HA-coated and cemented groups did not differ. The HA-coated implants displayed most of the migration within the initial 3 months then stabilized, whereas the cemented implants showed an initially lower, but over time continuously increasing migration Khitish Mohanty.