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Loser of fantasy football league punished by staying at Waffle House for 15 hours, eating nine waffles

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Fantasy football leagues can get pretty intense. Anyone who has been in one knows this. Sometimes, ahead of the season, leagues decide on a punishment for the person who finishes in last place. That can be holding a sign on a busy road that says they lost, or having to wear a jersey of the team they hate most. You get the point. 

But some leagues get very creative.

One league decided the loser would have to spend 24 hours at Waffle House, with every waffle they eat while there taking off one hour from the times. Clarion Ledger reporter Lee Sanderlin came in last in that league and found himself in the restaurant, with a daunting task ahead of him. Of course, he tweeted through it all.

Here’s a look at his roster that put him in last place:

This was truly a journey. If you think this task is even somewhat easy, think again. For anyone who hasn’t had them, the waffles at Waffle House are rather filling, so consuming a lot in one sitting is borderline impossible.

It’s not only a daunting task, but sitting there alone could get boring, so Sanderlin brought magazines, books and loaded up podcasts to listen to.

He said the staff doubted that he would actually be there all day, but he was committed to the game. Four waffles in less than two hours and he was tweeting that he would like to be launched into the sun.

After he completed the punishment, he said he was never eating waffles again and added “horrible and I recommend no one ever do this.”

It’s easy for Sanderlin to avoid this next year. He’ll just have to make sure to draft a little smarter.