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Mexico vs. Costa Rica: Concacaf Nations League match delayed after derogatory chant; security ejects fans

Thursday night’s Mexico vs. Costa Rica Concacaf Nations League semifinal match saw “several” fans ejected following multiple uses of a derogatory chant during Costa Rican goal kicks. The match was delayed in the late stages of the second half for three minutes as part of Step 1 in Concacaf’s protocol. 

The Mexican FA warned fans in the days leading up to the game, and despite multiple warnings issued by the PA announcer at Denver’s Empower Field at Mile High condemning the chant and the consequences, it was still audible multiple times in the first half and it carried into the second after a heated sequence late in the game. Concacaf booted people from the match by the time the second half started.

“In the first half of the [Concacaf Nations League] Mexico vs Costa Rica semifinal match, stadium security ejected several fans for discriminatory language after warnings were made on the PA system,” Concacaf posted on its official Nations League Twitter account. 

The PA announcements typically are the first step in an anti-discrimination protocol. For Concacaf, after that happens, the next step is usually deciding whether the official and match commissioner want to pause the game for up to three minutes, which they did, to a crowd of boos as things got very chippy on the field between the two teams.

After the three-minute wait, they have the option to suspend the match for up to 10 minutes if it continues, with the referee and players entering the locker room. The worst case scenario, if it continues, would be to abandon the match with a potential forfeit being an option.

CBS Sports will have more information as it becomes available.