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Patrick Mahomes dismisses 20-0 comments: ‘Records don’t mean anything unless you’re winning that last game’

Patrick Mahomes didn’t look enthused when asked about his comments regarding the Kansas City Chiefs’ pursuit of a 20-0 record in 2021, which the former MVP quarterback made a few days ago. Mahomes wanted to put the 20-0 comments to rest quickly, even if he was blitzed about them more than Tampa Bay Buccaneers players coming after him in the Super Bowl. 

“I believe the question I was asked was what record that I would want to break, and to me, records don’t mean anything unless you’re winning that last game at the end of the season,” Mahomes said in a conference call at Chiefs minicamp Thursday. “To me, it’s about going in every single week with the mindset that we’re trying to win, we’re going to win. 

“At the end of the day, whatever the record is, whether it’s 20-0 or whatever it is, you’re winning the last game of the season, then you’re going to be happy with whatever happened earlier in the season.”

Clearly, winning the Super Bowl is all that matters to the Chiefs — who fell one game short in their quest to repeat as Super Bowl champions. Kansas City struck out on a few free agents, but still loaded up on the offensive line this offseason, becoming the front-runners to win the AFC for the third consecutive year. 

The Chiefs are one of the most talented teams in football with a quarterback who is off to the greatest start for a player at his position in NFL history. Even if it’s very possible the Chiefs could be the team to match the 1972 Miami Dolphins’ perfect season, Mahomes doesn’t even want to entertain the possibility. 

“If you’re in this league, you want to win every time you’re on the football field,” Mahomes said. “I think people get all hype about 20-0 because you have to take it one week at a time, but at the end of the day, you want to continue to win every single time you’re on the field, every single week. I’m not going into the season hoping I lose any games.

“I know I’m going to have to answer (those) questions either way, so may as well answer questions about us winning football games.”

Mahomes is up to the challenge of winning every time he steps on the football field. There’s no reason for evaluating these comments any further regarding an ulta-competitive professional. 

“He wasn’t boasting about it, that’s not what he was doing,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said. “But he just said that would be a great challenge, which it would be. We’ve got a pretty stiff schedule and some great competition that we’re going to play against, so I felt like he was really saying, ‘Listen, we all need to get busy and work our tail off because of that.'”