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Tom Brady once blew Kliff Kingsbury’s mind in the Bahamas by working out after a rough hangover

Tom Brady is known for having a legendary work ethic and he once showed off that work ethic to Kliff Kingsbury while the two were in the Bahamas. 

During a recent interview on the “The Flying Coach” podcast, Kingsbury was asked to tell a story about Brady and the Cardinals coach responded by telling a wild story about the 43-year-old that started with the two getting drunk together the night before a wedding. 

“So we’re at a wedding of a mutual friend in Baker’s Bay, which is like ‘Candyland’ for adults in the Bahamas,” Kingsbury said. “The night before the wedding, everybody’s up getting hammered. I mean, everybody. Even Brady is having fun.”

The mutual friend was investor Will McDonough, who got married in May 2015 and it’s not surprising to hear that Brady might have had a few drinks. After all, the wedding was held just four days after he found out that he was going to be suspended four games for his alleged role in Deflategate, so he was probably trying to blow off some steam (On a somewhat related note, this was the same Bahamas trip where Brady was spotted playing golf with Michael Jordan).

After a long night of drinking, Kingsbury ran into Brady the next morning in a place where he didn’t expect to run into Brady. 

“I wake up early because I can’t sleep real well and so I’m going to check out the island and I get in a little golf cart and I’m cruising along and I look up and I see on these polo fields some dude with some other guy, and it looks like he’s doing resistance bands drops. And I’m like, ‘What the…'” Kingsbury said. “So I drive over — this is like, 7:30 [a.m.], we were up getting after it — I go over, [Brady] is already pouring sweat. He has this assistant who’s holding these resistance bands. This is in paradise, and he’s just crushing these drops and then sprinting through and the dude’s just killing it and getting this workout in.” 

Even though Kingsbury got a front-row seat to Brady’s work ethic when they were teammates back in 2003, he was still amazed at how dedicated Brady was to keeping his body in shape. 

“I’m like, ‘You are such a sociopath, such a sicko,'” Kingsbury said. “His desire to be the best ever is just on [another level]. The world hasn’t seen much like this. A guy who has dedicated every waking moment, diet, sleep, work ethic, to being the best ever. So that just kind of tells the story of him and what he’s about.”

What Kingsbury’s story teaches us is that not even a night of drinking can stop Tom Brady, which pretty much means that nothing can stop Tom Brady, well, except for maybe avocado tequila.