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‘I Bought a House For $1’

I first heard about the “Homes for a Pound” scheme in 2015. I had been living and working in Liverpool, England, for ten years and was a postgraduate student at a local university.

The scheme, run by the city council, promised to sell empty homes for just one pound, which equates to about one U.S. dollar and fifteen cents. But, only under the condition that residents already lived or worked in Liverpool, remained in the house for five years and refurbished the property to a set of building regulations in the U.K. called the Decent Homes Standard within twelve months.

At the time, I was living in cheap shared accommodation and naively thought: “Wow, they’ve giving away free houses.”

Maxine Sharples, 35, Liverpool, purchased a house for £1 after applying for the “Homes for a Pound” scheme in 2015.
Maxine Sharples

Successful applicants had to have enough money to renovate the property, though the form didn’t disclose a specific amount. I definitely didn’t have the funds to restore an entire house, but I lied on the form and said I have a decent amount of savings. I sent off the application that June, but heard nothing for four years.

As time went on, I completely forgot about applying. Life goes on and I stayed in Liverpool living in social housing, which is provided at affordable rates, and working full-time as a project manager at my former university. I was saving up very little and it was only after a fortuitous set of circumstances I came into some money.

In 2018, my estranged father passed away. It turned out that I was his next of kin and inherited a small property of his, which I was able to sell for a profit of £60,000 (approx. $68,000).

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