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U.K. Network Playing ‘Emoji Movie’ During Queen’s Funeral Divides Viewers

On a historic day for the United Kingdom, residents seemed to have the choice of watching the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, or The Emoji Movie.

U.K. broadcaster Channel 5, one of the five non-cable channels in the country, decided to air children’s TV programming, while almost every other network covered the funeral.

The move has been met with mockery, condemnation and praise online, as The Emoji Movie and Channel 5 became trending topics.

A mocked up image of Queen Elizabeth II and characters from “The Emoji Movie.” The U.K. broadcaster Channel 5 (logo, bottom right) showed the movie rather than the monarch’s funeral.
Eddie Mulholland/Getty Images / Sony Pictures Releasing

After 10 days of mourning following her death on September 8, the monarch’s funeral was held at Westminster Abbey, before she was driven to her final resting place at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, Berkshire.

The funeral coverage got underway early in the U.K. but from 11:10 a.m., Channel 5 aired The Emoji Movie, then Stuart Little, then Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, then Sing.

“Really don’t understand the criticism of Channel 5 for showing The Emoji Movie, Stuart Little etc during the queen’s funeral,” wrote Twitter user @tdnightingale on Twitter.

“What are kids of families who don’t have paid TV/streaming supposed to do otherwise, sit and watch white people in suits look overly sad for 6 hours?”

In the comment section to this popular tweet, many wrote that the momentous occasion should have been recognized in a different way for children, relating to the royal family.

Others who preferred not to watch the queen’s funeral praised Channel 5 for giving viewers an option.

“not the heroes we wanted… but the heroes we deserve…” wrote @sapphyreblayze, while @cleoofffilm tweeted that the channel’s decision to air the famously panned movie will become a “cult classic representing dissent against the establishment.”

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