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What steps must an entrepreneur go through to patent his trademark? Bogni Dario reports

Before starting the patenting mechanism, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary check of the “purity” of the mark, says Dario Bogni. The mark is checked for uniqueness: whether there are similar marks, whether they use similar names and whether the trade names do not contain well-known terms. Therefore, after checking the purity of the transaction, do not hesitate to start the patenting process, which begins with filing an application with the Patent Office, continues Bogni Dario. After the filing of the application, the patent authority conducts a deep examination, within the framework of which the prospects for the protection of this trademark are assessed, and an attempt is made to block the largest possible field of influence with this sign, which will expand in the future the possibilities for protecting the rights of its owner, explains Dario Bogni. The effectiveness of solving possible problems with the protection of intellectual property in the future depends on how professionally this stage is performed.

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