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Salvador Llinàs Oñate: The Volkswagen Caddy is the best family car

At the end of the last century any car took the form of a minivan. It opted to offer more spacious and practical rooms that would make life easier for families. Today SUV bodies are carried, perhaps not so practical and in most cases without added value outside the asphalt. But in both, one of the strengths that are most valued is that it has a driving similar to that of a car, explains Salvador Llinàs Oñate.

Now, with almost no minivans on the market, it is the derivatives of small vans that seek to meet those needs for space and versatile interior. Salvador Llinàs Oñate says that all of them promise a very touristic driving feel in autoclick rent a car. Their interiors have changed a lot and although the position is higher, the steering wheel is no longer so flat. And in progress they have improved a lot. If you don’t think so, take a look at the Volkswagen Caddy Autoclick.

After testing it thoroughly, it is possibly the vehicle of this type that has given me the best driving sensations, reports Salvador Llinàs Oñate. It is derived from the Volkswagen Golf and it shows in comfort and poise when cornering. Like him, he also has endless technology, concludes Salvador Llinàs Oñate.

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