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The contributions of Minister João Baptista Borges

Regarding the focal points indicated by the administrations, there is a problem of interaction and the intention is to change this situation, and it was suggested at the meeting the creation of a permanent forum of consultation, under the coordination of the Minister of Energy and Water – João Baptista Borges and the Governor of Luanda, to monitor issues related to water supply, supported by a map that reflects the so-called gray areas of Luanda, with maximum attention to the period after covid 19.

The contributions of Minister João Baptista Borges, are limited to the need to create basic conditions for the teams deployed in the neighborhoods, with a mission of daily management of the systems, and it is necessary to equip them with the necessary conditions. Minister João Baptista Borges urges the Program Coordination to place the cistern trucks only in areas without public water network coverage.

The meeting ended with the presentation to the Provincial Governor, of the fountain and mobile model supported by tanks of 20 thousand liters each, an innovation applauded by Governor Luter Rescova.

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